-an accredited diplomat sent by a state as its permanent representative in a foreign country. eg. “The Tomo Global Ambassador to the World”

Tomo Global Ambassador path is for people who are passionate about decentralized tomorrow and Web 3 movement.

An Ambassador must burn with desire to foster the development of Web 3 movement across every vertical of their lives.

Tomo Global aims to capture knowledge and experience of local industry experts and ambassadors to bridge communities between ecosystems in different geographies. We are building a community that matters, a community that empowers technological movement to change how people live their lives.

This path allows motivated community members to join us and contribute towards the development of Tomo Global and the growth of TomoChain ecosystem as a whole.

Ambassador path allows people from various industries and backgrounds across the globe to engage towards the same goal.

Tomo Global Ambassadors will be equipped and continuously supported with a set of tools and materials to successfully and efficiently help Tomochain ecosystem develop in their respective regions.

North America
Latin America
Southeast Asia
We believe that every movement, idea, project or business can be ignited by one dedicated individual.  

These motivated participants in the network can disproportionately move the needle by building and propelling their communities, therefore Ambassadors plays a vital role in the development of Tomo Global movement, which is intended to transform the flow of value in the ongoing digital revolution.

Few examples of what to expect from an Ambassador

Actively participate in local blockchain related gatherings and also organize Tomo Global only events. Build and strengthen Tomochain community in their respective region by being a proactive member. Actively participate in Tomo Global organization and its development.


Initiate discussions with local businesses, incubators, startups, software development companies and other key potential participants of Tomochain network to foster the development of its ecosystem.

Connect Opportunities

Participate in working groups with enterprises, projects and Tomochain to play a vital role in entire Tomo Global ecosystem development. Connect and expand existing stakeholder base.

Apply to Ambassador program

Interested in helping us in a way not indicated on the website? Please contact us, and we'll be happy to see if we can make the option work.