About Us

Tomo Global was founded by core investors of Tomochain and a vast network of partners, to collaborate on building decentralized future by leveraging blockchain technology.

What we do
We are building the foundation to support existing and future businesses leveraging Tomochain technology. A foundation that involves and connects all stakeholders of Tomochain ecosystem to work together toward a common vision.
Our Vision
Our vision is creating a platform for idea, knowledge and resource sharing across Tomo Global. We believe in the inclusion of ecosystem participants as we can accomplish greater things together. The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members. We are building a community which will seek above and beyond to empower each existent and future member of Tomochain Ecosystem to build a better tomorrow. A tomorrow worth living and developing for.
Our Mission
Tomo Global charter is to fuel the development and adoption of Tomochain network and foster the exponential growth of the ecosystem and its participants. Our mission is to realize the full potential of Tomochain technology to drive a new era of development, innovation and growth.